Tamara Stubbs

Production stills Photographer & Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drone for aerial work) Owner/Operator

BOOKINGS: Films @ 59 / Jane Murch T. +44 (0)117 906 4334

Full Documentary Sound Kit, 416 / Stereo mic, Sound Devices 788T 12 Channel Hard Drive, 20/40 and A10 Audio Ltd radio mics, time code solutions

T. 07979 690701      E. tamara@tamarastubbs.com



In and Out of Britain in a Day, Darlow Smithson Productions, currently in post-production, Presenter lead documentary looking at Britians imports and exports of goods. Sound recording & SUA/drone aerial work including flying a drone in a warehouse
Producer /Director and Shooter Matt Ainsworth AP / Shooter Kate Szell

BBC, Perfect Planet, Silverback Productions, currently in post-production, Filming with Sea Shepherd on their ship the Bob Barker, off the coast of Gabon for Ep. 5 Human. Sound recording & SUA/drone aerial work
DOP Paul Williams Director Emily Franke

Deep Ocean Challenge, Atlantic Productions, Discovery, Ongoing project filming the ‘5 Deeps’ expedition as explorer Victor Vescovo makes a bid to be the first person to dive to the deepest point in each of the worlds oceans in a custom made submersable. Sound recording & SUA/drone aerial work and publicity stills
DOP Paul Williams & Chris Sutcliffe Producer Director David Lee

Shackleton, Atlantic Productions, Filming in Antarctica for 2 months documenting the Weddell Sea Expedition. Sound recording & SUA/drone aerial work plus publicity stills
DOP Paul Williams Producer Oli Twinch Director Olive King

Rwandan Tourist Board & Rwandan Develpment Board, Promotional films for the Rwandan government. Sound recording & SUA/drone aerial images around Rwanda
DOP Robert Hollingworth Producer Director Annabel Illingsworth / Paul Charles PC Agency

BBC, Songs of Praise, Avanti and Nine Lives Media, SUA/drone shots of the New Wine festival at The Bath and West Showground

Director Mark Warburton

More 4, October Films , David Jason’s Secret Service, David Jason investigates stories of espionage during the first and second world wars. Sound and Drone Operator.

DOP Graham Boonzaaier Director James Tovell

Documentary Group (USA), Discovery,Virus, Retrospective film in Sierra Leone on the Ebola virus and the people who’s lives were affected

DOP Steven Gray Director Bent J Purlmutt

BBC Scotland, Science, In Search of Colour, Proffessor Helen Czerski reveals how colour transformed our planet from a drab piece of rock to a vivid jewel.
DOP Robert Hollingworth Directors Alex Hemmingway and Emma Oastler

Ikana Media, Unseen Enemy, Documentary feature film that examines the factors that have contributed to the emergence and re- emergence of viruses and bacteria: from the erroneous belief that we had conquered infectious diseases, to the refusal of some countries to share information, to political choices gone deeply awry. The film explores what needs to be done and what we can all do.
West African Unit, Ebola, 1 month filming in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

DOP Cesar Chalone Director & Producer Janet Tobias

BBC, Modern Times,Weekend Warrior, Specialist sound recording for a ‘Tough Mudder’ weekend event. All our contributors did the course radio miced up, through Mud, ice baths and a lot of water, over walls, halfpipes and a 12 mile run intersperced with 24 challages on rough terain.

Director Producer and Camera Martin Webb/ Luke Sewell

STV, for Animal Planet, Wild in the Danger Zone, Shot in the exclusion zone, Chernobyl, Ukraine for 10 days. Dual presenters looking at how nature is fighting back against all odds post nuclear disaster. Working in a highly radioactive environment in protective clothing and at times in full face mask (AVON Protection C50), also micing up presenters in full protective clothing. Filming with scientists and an array of wild animals including wolves and wild boar.

DOP Robert Hollingworth & Robert McGregor Director Chiara Bellati

Pioneer Productions, for Ch4, Worlds Weiredest Weather, Filming Alex Beresfords links, hanging off cliffs and dodging tides.

DOP Max Williams Director Mark Bridge

Wall to Wall, for ITV, Long Lost Family, Filming the journey made by contributors as they look to be reunited with lost family members.

DOP Nick Manley Director Sally Benton

Wall to Wall, for ITV, Arrivals and Departures, Filming back stories to contributors traveling through Heathrow Airport.

DOP Nick Manley Director Kim Maddever

Twenty Twenty, for BBC2, The Restaurant Man, Steely business man and owner of 7 successful restaurants Russel Norman helps 6 new restaurant owners set up business.

DOP Fabio Calascibetta Directors Harry Beney, Vari Innes & Tom Peppiatt

7th Art, Independent Documentary maker in Los Angles, USA, Wrestling Alligators, a film about Chief James Billie of the Seminole tribe. Local Sound Recordist for the London shoot.

DOP Charles Miller Director Andrew Shea

Alchemy Television for BBC 2, The Spice Men, Road trip cooking with studio insers. Chefs Cyrus Todiwala and Tony Singh travel around the UK to small artisan food producers and add their spicy twist to the food. DOP David Brown/ Jeremy Humphries Dir. Caroline Ross Pirie

1D3D, Feature Film, This is Us, One Direction Feature Film. Behind the scenes in London and at their O2 concerts.

DOP Patrick Smith Director/Producer Morgan Spurlock/ Ben Winston

Waddell Media for Channel 4, Countdown to Freetown, Filming on the road with Nick Hewer as he takes a 4x4 with trailer loaded with carpentry equipment and a generator to Freetown, Sierra Leone from The Travellers Club, London to set a Sierra Leonine street boy up in business.

DOP/Director for the first half Nick Read; DOP/Director second leg Luke Campbell

McKinnon Films, A corporate film shot in Kuwait about a children’s hospice Bayt Abdullah.

DOP Will Pugh Directed by Michael McKinnon

RDF for Channel 4, The Greatest Shows on Earth, Working behind the scenes on some of the worlds highest rated shows Daisy Donovan takes an honest but funny look at what the shows tell us about a countries culture. Filming in Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Riyadh and Brazil.

DOP Patrick Smith Director Amanda Blue

Paradine Productions for BBC 2, Frost on Interviews, Sir David Frost interviews interviewers including Parkinson, Ruby Wax, Lord Melvin Bragg, Andrew Neil and AA Gill. DOP Nick Manley Director Andrew Fettis

Al Jezeera, Correspondent, Simon McGregor-Wood is pasionate about the Isle of Man TT, 1 hour documentary taking a look at this dangerous race and why people do it. Currently nominated for Best Documentary, BAFTA.

DOP Mark Carey Director David Niblock

ITV Productions for ITV, Save the Children ITV Appeal, Filming in the Kroo Bay slums of Sierra Leone considered the ‘worst’ slum in the world. Chris Tarrant presents.

DOP Fabio Calascibetta

Fulwell 73 for BBC 1, On her Majesty’s Secret Service, Gary Barlow travels the globe for a song for The Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Interview with His Royal Highness Prince Charles by Gary Barlow.

DOP Patrick Smith Director Ben Winston

BBC 2, Goldie’s Band By Royal Appointment, Musician Goldie and a team of mentors find 12 incredibly talented young musicians without the opportunities afforded to most and form a band and create a really diverse concert to play at Buckingham Palace to Prince Harry. 3 x 1 hours of incredible and moving television.

DOP Joe Warburton Director Craig Blackhurst

Minnow for Channel 4, Four Sons verses Four Daughters, a Cutting Edge documentary looking at the difference of raising boys and girls.

Studio Lambert for Channel 4, Undercover Boss, The new CEO of Harry Ramsdons goes undercover "back to the shop floor" to get a view of the company from the perspective of the workers and improve the customer experience.

DOP Chris Bairstow

Seven Network, Australia, Sunday Night, Current affairs program with investigative journalist Ross Coultard. Two investigations in Holland including one about Australia's first settlers being Dutch (shipwrecked from 'The Batavia') and the other about the winning hull design in the Americas Cup that won Australia the title.

DOP Richard Malone.

Talkback Thames for Channel 4, Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud looks at interesting home build projects around the country.

DOP's Joe Warburton and Tony Etwell.

Thames Talkback, The RIBA Sterling Prize , Kevin McCloud takes us through the shortlist of buildings up for the 2007 Award.

Diverse Productions, Ch 4, Last Chance Kids, 3 x 1 hr documentary following a literacy project being implemented in a school in Dagenham.

David Paradine Productions, The Frost Report is Back, David Frost interviews with Ex-Pythons and script writers.

Vera, Ch 4, Mark Thomas Dispatches, “Fizz”, Mark Thomas Investigates Coke Cola, the worlds largest Brand name.

3BM TV, Ch 4, Dispatches, “Scottish Man”, a profile on Gordon Brown as he moves towards No. 10

BBC Bristol, It’s Not Easy Being Green, Series 2, Richard Strawbridge goes around the country helping people with green projects.

Juniper, Ch 4, Dispatches, The Blunkett Tapes, 2 part Drama documentary based on David Blunketts Diaries from his time in government.

Vera, Ch 4, Bremner, Bird and Fortune, Comedy Sketches for Series 10 & 12

Talkback for ITV, X-Factor, Battle of the Stars, VT’s about the celebrities competing in this X-factor competition

Talkback for BBC 2, The Apprentice UK Series 1 & 2, 8 part series, Multi Camera shoot following 14 entrepreneurs competing for a contract awarded by Sir Alan Sugar.

BBC Bristol, Diarmuid’s Big Adventure, 6 part series following Diarmuid Gavin, and the Irish gardener’s entry to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show from concept to fruition.

BBC Bristol, Auction Man, 6 part Fly-on-the-wall documentary following life in a provincial auction house. Rigging up the auction house on Auction day for sound going to the PA system, SQN - DigiBeta and back up PD150.

Brighter Pictures, Get a New Life 2nd Series, A family’s relocation to Italy and follow up programme
Ch4, Driven, Ch4’s answer to ‘Top Gear’ Rigging cars and filming at speed.
Faction Films – Documentary looking at changes of attitude towards Asian woman by their community in the UK


“Eve”, Lunch Time Productions – Independent British Feature Film, Mixer
“Surveillance”, Fulcrum TV – British Feature Film, 2nd Unit Mixer
“Peace One Day”, Contributions to Jeremy Gillies second film to promote a day of peace. Various meetings and interviews including Africa footage with the World Food Programme in Kenya and Southern Sudan.
Black Dog, Green Day Concert at The Milton Keynes Bowl 2005 – Concert DVD, Interviews with the band and back stage stories

Commericals with the following companies: Feel Films, RSA Films, Another Film Company, Small Family Business, Paul Weiland, Channel 4, Outsider, Hungry Man, Radical Media, Epoch, Rokit

Chief TV, Idents for UK TV in Australia; “The Kiss”, Piper Films – short film directed by Biyi Bandele, DOP Will Pugh; “Shotting”, Squeeze Productions – short film directed by Nicky Crowther, DOP Will Pugh, Ch 4 Award winning Script; “Love You Joseff Hughes”, Rogue Runner – short film directed by Dan Hartley, DOP Stephen Stankowski; “Dad”, Sister Films - Short Film directed by Daniel Mulloy; “The Gigolo”, Punk Cinema - Short Film, one of two recordists working on this project in and around London in the early hours; “French Fries on the Golden Front”, Huss Productions, 15 min. short film

THE CRUET COMPANY, 7TH OCTOBER 2002 - 19th FEBRUARY 2003 Facilities Company, London. In house sound assistant/recordist

BBC TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT, Wood Norton: Sound recording on location 1

BBC TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT, Wood Norton: Essentials of Sound


OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY, Oxford: Foundation Engineering


LAND ROVER Off Road driver training in Association with the Royal Geographical Society


HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS HEFAT Trained Tor International. Updated last: Dec 2011




FULL BRITISH and AUSTRALIAN PASSPORTS held. Up to date with core immunisations.

Ebola PPE and awareness training with SecureBio

Fellow and committee member of The Royal Geographical Society

Trustee and Chair of The Tony Trust (www.thetonytrust.org)