Tamara Stubbs



BBC trained, Location Sound Recordist since 2002

Stills photographer, publications include Geographical Magazine / The Guardian / The Times / The Independent / News Week / BBC / The Mail / USA today /other global papers

Commercial SUA (Small Unmanned Aircraft / Drone) Pilot

SUA Camera operation: either done by Tamara as a single operator, or in a two person team. I have a number of cinematographers that I team up with.

CAA approved to work commercially as a SUA pilot in the UK

£5 Million Public Liability Insurance

First Aid including remote trauma / Off road driving experienced / Hostile Environment trained


Sound Recording and Drone shots mainly for TV and film production

Tracking shots from the back of a vehicle with the Inspire 2 and grip rig

Aerial footage with Soundscapes

Time-lapse and hyper-lapse photography including aerial-lapse

Stills photography

Aerial footage for:-

Promotional Films
Feature Films

Contact me to chat about your project


Happy to work globally as well as the UK
Previous countries of work:

Most of Europe,
Ukraine, Chernobyl
Georgia, Romania,
Brazil, Argentina,
Bahamas (sound/drone),
Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal, Gabon (sound/drone),
Rwanda (sound/drone), Kenya, South Africa,
South Sudan, Mozambique
Morocco, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Adu Dhabi,
Australia, Java, Guam,
Canada, US,
Thailand, Laos,
Antarctica (sound/drone/stills), Arctic (sound/drone/stills)


SUA’s (Drones):
DJI Inspire 2, with X7s Camera / filters / lenses options / Pro Res licence
DJI Inspire 2, with X5s Camera / filters /  separate camera controller / lenses options
N.B Can also be used for tracking shots with a grip kit rig / handles
Mavic 2 Pro

Canon 5D Mk III, Selection of Canon lenses
Sony A7 RII with Sony, Leica, Nikon lenses, and Canon lens adapter
Ice lights

Full sound rig for recording commercially including Sound Devices 788T 8 track mixer/recorder, stereo rigs and 6 x Audio Ltd A10 recording radio mics and spare kit. Specialist kit for cold environments.