System for Booking Drone Work

It is a legal requirement for commerical drone work that the operator has CAA permission. As a holder of this permission, I follow the process below to enable this work for you:

You give an initial brief
I provide a form to walk you through the information needed to fly
I check location for flying suitability
I check airspace for any restrictions or extra permissions required
Confirm job
I carry out a remote risk assessment
On arrival I carry out an on-site safety survey
Drone deployment
Handover raw footage on site or upload to Dropbox
Full editing service available


Each job is unique because of the above so please get in touch for a quote

Operating limits in the UK

Must fly line of sight
Max. 500m horizontally from pilot
Max. 120m vertically from pilot
50m distance away from any building or person not under your control
Landowner permissions for take off and landing points
Weather must be dry and wind no more than 20mph
Certified to carry out night flights

Battery limits

15-20 Mins of flight time Per pair of batteries
I have 4 pairs of Inspire batteries and 3 Mavic batteries allowing us to complete most jobs without recharging



Unless a buyout of footage is specifically agreed and contracted, Tamara Rawlingson Plant Ltd retains the copyright of all filming content. The client purchasing the services of Tamara Stubbs /Tamara Rawlingson Plant Ltd will get full use of the material, however will not be able to sell the footage or allow 3rd party companies to use it without the agreement of Tamara Rawlingson Plant Ltd.

I'm proud of my work and Tamara Rawlingson Plant Ltd actively promotes it. I reserve the right to use any of my footage for promotion, whether this be inclusion on my showreel or PR purposes to promote Tamara Rawlingson Plant Ltd. Additionally I reserve the right to supply the footage to stock libraries at a later date. 

If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, kindly speak to me in advance of commencement of filming. Thank you.