I can be commissioned to take stills for production when off on filming projects. My style of work is very much documentary, seeking to work with beautiful natural light as a preference but also deliver lit portraits where appropriate.

I know how to put a story together, and can deliver a solid set of publicity stills and portraits.

My latest published work is from the 5 Deeps Expedition, taken during 2018/19 on behalf of Atlantic Productions, the documentary for Discovery will be out early 2020 following Explorer Victor Vescovo, on his record breaking, trip into often unexplored territory, to the deepest point in every ocean.

Also this year I have photographed The Weddell Sea Expedition, looking for Shackletons’ lost ship ‘Endurance’, down in Antarctica, and on The ‘Bob Barker’, one of Sea Shephard’s ships monitoring fishing activity off the West coast of Africa, along the tuna migratory route, but all under wraps still…..


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