Photography has been a life long passion and pursuit. ‘The documentary impulse’ as coined by Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin runs strong through my veins, alongside curiosity for people and places.

I can be commissioned to take stills for production when off on filming projects. I also have private clients who commission work, and exhibit my photographs and sell fine art limited edition prints.

I had the privileged experience of spending the summer of 2017 on a documentary photography course run by the photo agency Magnum tied in with the MA Photojournalist course at the London College of Communications.

I’m fortunate to travel to interesting and varied countries with my television and film documentary work, when not commissioned to take stills for production, I often manage to grab shots here and there between takes and after work. Closer to home I am working on a few personal projects and collaborations, and plan to do further exhibitions in the future incorporating story telling, fine art photography and hand made books.

My style of work is very much documentary, seeking to work with beautiful natural light as a preference. I often look for the alternative stories, and more than anything love to photograph the unobvious and quiet hero’s, ‘the ordinary’, uncelebrated, but extra-ordinary people.

I will always shoot a persons portrait with dignity and positivity in mind finding the positives, particularly in tough desolate situations.

I know how to put a story together, and can deliver a solid set of publicity stills and portraits.

Commissions welcome