5 Deeps Expedition: Deep Planet- Sound, Stills and Drone

For the next year I will be working on this film for Discovery. We will be travelling to every ocean to film a record breaking attempt to go to the deepest point in each of the 5 oceans. We should come across some pretty cool creatures too.

Here is the teaser we filmed in August in the Bahamas. I did the drone shots on the Inspire 2 with the X5S camera. (I have just taken delivery of the X7 camera and will report back on the test shots.)

Sound has been captured often on this job purely on the new Audio Limited digital A10 radio mics. These fantastic radio mics allow me to capture sound in the submersible, even when it is at the bottom of the ocean.

The stills I shot/ will be shooting through out the Expedition on my Canon 5D MkIII and on the Sony A7II with Canon and Leica lenses

I have another 2 Expeditions this year that I am working on and will reveal what I can when I can… watch this space!

Tamara Stubbs