5 Deeps Expedition: Deep Planet- Sound, Stills and Drone

For the next year I will be working on this film for Discovery. We will be travelling to every ocean to film a record breaking attempt to go to the deepest point in each of the 5 oceans. We should come across some pretty cool creatures too.

Here is the teaser we filmed in August in the Bahamas. I did the drone shots on the Inspire 2 with the X5S camera. (I have just taken delivery of the X7 camera and will report back on the test shots.)

Sound has been captured often on this job purely on the new Audio Limited digital A10 radio mics. These fantastic radio mics allow me to capture sound in the submersible, even when it is at the bottom of the ocean.

The stills I shot/ will be shooting through out the Expedition on my Canon 5D MkIII and on the Sony A7II with Canon and Leica lenses

I have another 2 Expeditions this year that I am working on and will reveal what I can when I can… watch this space!

Tamara Stubbs
Somerset Art Weeks 2018

Well it is now underway as of Saturday 15th September. There are 6 of us exhibiting in Batcombe at the Old School house so please come and visit us, we are there until the end of the month.

I have created ‘Extraordinary, Ordinary, People’ with the images I took whilst out in Liberia and Sierra Leone in 2014/15 celebrating the front line workers / healthcare workers during the Ebola crisis.

I have put together portraits with personal stories and articles. In the back ground there are 4 large cloths printed up in black and white illustrating the grim reality of their day to day lives. In the foreground, in colour, is a 1m/1m  print of 100 portraits of everyone who worked in the ELWA 2 Ebola Treatment Unit, ETU, in Monrovia, from the security guard to surgeon Dr Jerry Brown who started the ETU. Included on this sheet are 3 people who also had full-page portraits published in Time Magazine in December 2014 ‘Person of the Year’, The Ebola Fighters, edition.

Alongside the portraits are images and text that personalise the sacrifices these amazing people and all the other amazing people who put themselves in danger to help their country and fellow citizen. They made huge personal sacrifices in extraordinary times, but I feel their story is being accidently drowned out by the western voice who are writing the history books, Wikipedia pages, news reports, and papers on the epidemic. These are the local people who made the ultimate sacrifice, they put themselves on the line, so many died or became infected and we are in danger of not acknowledging their heroism.

Tamara Stubbs
Andrew James oil portrait painting workshop

In July I was invited to take some pictures at the Andrew James workshop in Batcombe.

Most of the artists regularly attend painting workshops and Andrew James has a long waiting list. For some it was their first time using oils, for everyone it was a successful workshop.

Here is a short photographic film of their work and the atmosphere in the workshop.

Tamara Stubbs

News has come through that I will be off to BM19 to complete a photo-story that I have been working on in collaboration with designer maker Richard La Trobe-Bateman and seasoned 'burner' Kurt Westerlund.

At Kurt's invitation Richard has designed the 'Gap' bridge, an exciting design that gives the user not only a physical experience of crossing, but, due to a gap at the top, a metaphorical one too.

FWTimber in the USA will be producing the pieces that make up this exciting design. I can't wait to see it all assembled on the desert floor. It will be a daring and exciting piece to interact with.

We will be fundraising later in the year to help make this happen. Details to follow, but please get in touch for further information.




Tamara Stubbs